Classes and Planning 

As new and soon to be new parents we want you to be prepared for bringing your baby home!

We have a variety of classes and sessions to help educate and prepare you and your family for a smooth transition.


Postpartum Planning Session 

 What's your postpartum plan? You have planned for your birth now lest get down to what your postpartum lifestyle is going to entail.  During this time together we discuss and plan how to prepare for bringing home a new baby.  We take a detailed look into your lifestyle to tailor a plan that works for you!

Breastfeeding class

Whether you have decided to breastfeed or are still considering, let's talk!  Together we go through the basics of breastfeeding starting from milk production . We provide information on how to handle common issues such as engorgement and clogged ducts and debunk common misconceptions. 

Getting ready for baby 

In our new parent class we talk about what to expect in the newborn stages. We cover a range a topics from newborn traits and characteristics to sleeping habits and family adjustment. You are encouraged to bring your questions, we know you have them! 

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