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Postpartum Planning 

As new and soon to be new parents we want you to be prepared for bringing your baby home! Our courses and sessions help to educate and prepare you and your family for a smooth transition.

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Postpartum Planning Session $70

 What's your postpartum plan? Planning for your postpartum period is just as important as planning for your birth? Our one -on -one planning sessions help you prepare for life after childbirth.  During this time together we discuss topics like caring for yourself postpartum and plan how to prepare for bringing home a new baby.  We take a detailed look into your lifestyle to tailor a plan that works for you!

Coming Soon! 

Breastfeeding Course 

Whether you have decided to breastfeed or are still considering it, this class is for you!  Together we go through the basics of breastfeeding starting from the very beginning - milk production. We give practical tips and information on how to recognize and handle common issues such as engorgement and clogged ducts. Together we help build your confidence by giving you the truth that no one talks about while debunking common misconceptions. 

Newborn care Course

In our new parent class, we talk about what to expect in the first few months of your baby's life. We cover a range of topics from newborn traits and characteristics to sleeping habits and family adjustment. You are encouraged to bring your questions; we know you have them! 

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