What B*E*S*T Clients Say

My husband and I hired Kimberly for overnight support. I am a first-time mom who was unsure of myself and anxious about doing what was best for our new baby girl, and I desperately needed several hours of uninterrupted sleep. She was a God-send! Not only was Kimberly a true professional, but she was also non-judgmental which quickly put me at ease. She offered us great tips and advice for every question we had, and while I rested, she did a number of chores like the baby's laundry making my next day much more manageable. I was nervous about the idea of someone else watching my baby, but from the beginning, Kimberly was so sweet and affectionate to our little girl that I was immediately put at ease. My mom, whose English is limited, was concerned about my decision to let a "stranger" watch the baby, but she instantly liked Kimberly and often chatted with her in the middle of the night. I can't say enough about how helpful she was to our family. I strongly recommend Kimberly for anyone who is looking for someone to help them manage not just a new baby, but also the life changes that come with that blessing. 

- Janette D. (mother)

As someone who has seen you in action, caring for a newborn, you are amazing. You're so kind-hearted and caring to both the new mom, baby, other siblings and the new dad. 

- Diane  B. ( grandmother)

I am so grateful for Kimberly and how she took care of my newborn and I. My plan of having a VBAC went out the window, after actively laboring for almost 24 hours. Which means my plan for a quick recovery also was a no-go. Since we are a military family, we don't have any family nearby. So knowing that Kimberly would be with us once we were back home gave me so much comfort and peace of mind. Kimberly was great at making sure I was getting enough to eat, and sleeping as much as I could with a newborn and toddler. She handled our baby with such care and gentleness, and she was great at getting him to sleep for me.

About a week after we brought our baby home, our toddler was scheduled to have her tonsils removed. I know that having Kimberly taking care of the baby and me, gave my husband peace of mind that he could be there for our toddler. Kim even came to the hospital with the baby and I, to check on my daughter, so I wouldn't have to drive a long distance alone.

Having Kim as my postpartum doula was an excellent decision. I truly believe having her help out, and keeping me off my feet helped me heal a little faster. I definitely recommend hiring Kimberly. Giving birth can be unpredictable, so it's great to prepare and have someone caring and dependable on your side.

-Shea P. ( mother)

Y’all Kim is AMAZING!!!! She helped us with both of our babies and became a part of our family! We are so proud of her and the amazing work she has done to get where she is!! You cannot go wrong choosing Kim! I know she will treat your kids as her own and you will come to love her the way we do!  We love you Kimberly Brown!!! 

- Allison J. (mother)

Kimberly joined our family to assist us as a night nanny after the pre-term birth of our baby who arrived via surrogacy. As first time parents who had been through a very long and challenging journey to start a family Kimberly was able to help transition my husband and I into confident parents with her natural ability to teach, nurture and implement strategies to best meet the babies and our needs. She fitted in seamlessly to our home environment, was patience, reliable and most importantly loving toward our boy. We highly recommend Kimberly to any family who is seeking some kind and professional help with their little one.

- Janna I. (mother)