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  • When should I hire Snugs and Kisses for support?
    We suggest you secure for support near the end of your 2nd trimester. The Snugs & Kisses team typically fills their schedules months in advance. Securing your professional postpartum support in advance gives you the most flexibility of availability, scheduling, and choice of support. However, if you do book us later in your pregnancy or after delivery, we will try our very best to accommodate you and your needs. ​
  • How long should I have Snugs and Kisses support me?
    The length of your support will depend on your needs and goals that are discussed during your initial interview. We encourage support for at least the first 4 weeks postpartum as there are many changes that occur with the birthing person and the newborn, and we want to make sure you are supported. All of our clients start with 50 hours of support. More hours can be added as we develop the best plan to help them reach their goal.
  • I have family support, should I still hire Snugs and Kisses?
    It's great you have the support of your partner and family! Having our support will not replace your family. We work great with families, helping make sure everyone has a task that suits them and helps them be involved in the care of the birthing person and newborn. Our evidence- based support oftens hleps new parenst feel confdent to make the choices that are best fro them wtih out fear or judgement.
  • Will Snugs and Kisses support me past three months?
    In short, YES! Depending on your needs, we can offer you extended postpartum support or provide you additional support through our "client only services" to help you transition into your next stage of parenthood.
  • Can I buy support by the day?
    At this time, we do not offer our support to be booked by the day. In order to set each client up for success, we ask that you purchase the majority of your care plan hours upfront to ensure continuity of care. Due to our team booking months in advance, once your contract starts it will be more difficult to add on additional support and keep your same support specialist.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    All services require a non-refundable retainer that will be applied to your last contracted hours. Your second payment will be due between one and fourteen days after your estimated due date or start date which ever comes first. If you book services before 37 weeks, a 50% non- refundable payment will be due at the time of contract signing. If you book services at or after 37 weeks, a 60% non- refundable retainer will be due at the time of contract signing.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Yes, but since coverage varies by provider, we highly encourage you to contact your insurance provider FIRST to fully understand your plan and to see what options you may have for postpartum support coverage. We will happily accept HSA and FSA funds if approved. Please note any documentation that needs to be filled out will be filled out by the owner on behalf of the company not induvial support specialist.
  • Do you accept Carrot or similar benefits?
    Yes! Please note all paperwork will be submitted and filled out by the owner on behalf of the company and not individual specialist.
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