What precautions are you taking during the current pandemic?

It is our #1 goal to keep your family and ours safe! During this time, we are:

1. Continuing to preactie helathy hand hygiene upon entering and exiting your home as well as when needed throughout the shift.

2. Following gueidleines put in place by the CDC.

3. Reducing the number of families we are supporting.

4. Keeping open communication with all families and addressing any concerns right away.

If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

What does a typical day look like with professional postpartum support?

The needs of every family is unique and can change from day to day. During your consultation we will discuss your needs and begin to create a personalized postpartum plan that will help you meet your goals and make your transition seamless. Our postpartum support can include care for mom, education and assistance with newborn care, light housekeeping and meal prep, overnight support and more!

I have family near by, should I still have professional postpartum support?

It's great you have the support of your partner and family! Having our support will not replace your family. We work great with family, helping make sure everyone has a task that suits them and helps them be involved in the care of the birthing person and newborn.

Most families love having an overnight support so they can rest at night and be alert and available for the parents and baby during the day.

When should I hire professional postpartum support?

We suggest you secure for support near the end of your 2nd trimester. A lot of our specialist book up months in advance. The earlier your secure support the longer you have to get acquainted and the more comfortable you will be communication your needs with your support professional.

Do you accept insurance?

It is best to contact your provider and discuss your plan to see what options you may have for postpartum support coverage. Insurance coverage varies by provider. We can accept HSA and FSA funds if approved.

How long should I have professional postpartum support ?

The length of your support will depend on your needs and goals. All of our families start with 20 hours for day support and 40 hours for night support and build from there!

On average most of our clients request between100 and 300 hours of postpartum support in the first 3 to 6 weeks after delivery.

Can I have professional postpartum support past three months?

In short, YES!

We encoruage you to have support as long as you wish! We are set up to proivde you knowledgleable and helpful support as you transition through your postpartum stages. We are happy to discuss your options duringthe consultation.

Do you offer payment plans?

We offer two options to pay for support if you cannot pay in full.

Your payment can be broken down into two or three installments. The availability of these payment options depends on your customized plan and time of service.

Can I request Kimbelry (the owner) to support me?

Sure! Kimberly supports a limited amount of famlies each year and her schedule fills up fast! Please inquire about her support during your consulutation to discuss her support rates and availability.

Why is there a consultation fee?

Our minimal consultation fee has been put in place to deter no shows which remove valuble calendar space for clients wanting our services. The best part is the fee goes toward your retainer payment if you choose to utilize our support sercvices!!