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Overnight Newborn Care 


Welcoming your newborn comes with lots of emotions and little sleep! Getting a good night's sleep has never been so important. Our care team helps you get sleep each night which helps lessen fatigue and allows you to be more intentional and relaxed during the day.   

Sleeping Newborn

The Basics 

  •   Customized overnight newborn care plan with education on newborn sleep 

  • Support is available from 7PM  to  7AM (click here for daytime support) 

  • 40 hours of support starts all plans

  • Price ranges from $35/Hr to $45/Hr.*

Is Overnight Newborn Care right for you? 

 Could you use some help taking care of your newborn at night so you can get sleep?  If you answered YES!  Then this support is for you!

We have learned being able to get some sleep is a BIG DEAL but our parents unanimously value the comfort and reassurance we provide more! Our babies also benefit from our care as they get expert attention while getting adjusted to a nighttime routine. 

What are the benefits of Overnight Newborn Care? 

During Overnight Newborn Care your newborn(s) will be loved and nurtured while you recharge! It is our goal to help you accomplish the following: 

  • Peace of Mind

  • Lowered Stress Levels 

  • Less Uninterrupted Sleep 

  • Access to a Trained Professional for Questions and Support 

  • Newborn Care (Diapering, Feeding, Soothing and More)

  • Brestfeeding Support 

  • Sanitization of Bottles/ Pump Parts 

  • Light Housekeeping 

  • Newborn Sleep Education

  • Help Creating a Healthy Nighttime Routine ​

* Please inquire about pricing for multiples.

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