Overnight Newborn Care 

 In order to reserve your support dates  a 50%  non -refundable retainer (including travel fees) will be due at the time of contract signing.

In - Hospital Support   

Need some extra help at night while you are in the hospital?  Our in - hospital  care delivers just that! What's included in the 12-hour (7p-7a) shift:

  • Rest for mom- After delivering your baby your emotions are high but so is your fatigue!  We know with your baby being the most important person to you, you don't want to take your eye off of them for a second! By allowing in room support,  you have peace of mind knowing your little bundle is being well cared for so you can get the rest you need. 

  • Newborn Care- diaper changes, feedings, burping, soothing baby and assisting mom with care.

  • Breastfeeding Support- Breastfeeding is  skill that you and your baby have to practice A LOT! Having continuous professional guidance during the first few nights builds your confidence and increases your chances of success on your journey!


In - Home Support

Who says your newborn is the only one who gets to sleep like a baby?! During  overnight in home care your newborn(s) will be loved and nurtured while you sleep! Breastfeeding? No problem. Your baby will be brought to you when they are ready to nurse. 

What's included: 

  • Sleep and support for mom and partner​.

  • Newborn care- Diaper changes , feedings, burping and  soothing, bottle cleaning/ sterilization and prep. 

  • Brestfeeding support 

  • Light housekeeping such as laundry and organization

 There is a 10 - hour minimum per shift.  

Customized packages  are available!!

* rates based upon your geographic location 

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