Supporting Families During Postpartum 

Being home with your newborn(s) is a sacred time for bonding and resting. It is important that you are well prepared in caring for both yourself and your newborn(s) in the early months after delivery. This means having the support you and your family need to adjust and transition in this new season. As a mother serving other mothers, I know how comforting it can be to have a non- judgmental and knowledgeable support who listens to your wants and needs. Every mom deserves to have time to bond with her baby(ies) without having to worry about the everyday demands of life. Having a postpartum doula to nurture you and your partner during this time makes all the difference!

 "Postpartum support and education is not only for moms who are 'struggling'. EVERY mom deserves to have support to rest, recover and build a relationship with their baby" - Kimberly Brown

Postpartum Doula Support 

Lactation Support

Your time with us will focus on three main areas rest, recovery and relationships.  It is our belief that these three areas complement each other and are beneficial to the balance of both mom, baby and partner. We promote rest for the entire family! Whether it’s an afternoon nap for mom, learning about healthy sleep patterns for baby or getting a good night’s sleep for the entire family, our doulas are there to allow you to get the rest you need to be at your best. Recovery after the birth of your baby is more than physical. We will be there to help you walk through all the emotions and questions that come with being home with your baby. it is important to build a relationship with your baby. This is a great time to learn how to communicate with your baby. Being able to pick up on your baby’s cues will aid in a smoother transition into your new role as parents.  While we are talking about relationships, parents, don’t forget each other! Give yourself some grace and compassion. You are both rediscovering yourself as well as defining your parenting style.

Having a doula allows your family to focus on what really matters… each other!

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