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Postpartum Doula Services 

In- Home Support 

Being home with your newborn(s) is a sacred time for bonding and resting. Being able to rest and recover at your own pace is essential for maintaining optimal physical, menatal and emotinal health.  We provide the support you and your family need to adjust and transition in this new season. We provide comfort by listening to your needs and being able to offer tips and suggestions to make your day to day easier.  Our doulas help put your mind at ease and cut down on unexpected doctor visits and calls by being knowlegable to answer basic questions about postpartum and newborn care. Every mom deserves to have time to bond with her baby without having to worry about the everyday demands of life.  Let us help you put you first!

Our goal is to help you adjust to to parenthood by offering daytime support to allow time for recovery of the birthing person, rest for for the familiy and the abiility to provide time and skills to build meaningful relationships between you and your newborn. 

You can get started with postpartum doula support with as little as 20 hours! Support starts at *$30/hr. To ensure you get the maximun benefit from our support there is a five-hour minimum per shift. 

What you can expect...
  • An In- home or virtual consultattuon to understand your needs, determine priortites, and set goals for our time together

  • Customized support package 

  • Your choice of professonally trained and background checked doula according to your specific needs

  • Assisatnace with doula interviews and selction

  • Periodic check-ins to assess support 

  • Ability to have a back-up doula

Birthing Person Support

  •  Time to Eat/Rest/Shower

  • Postpartum Tips/Tools

  • Baby Bonding Support

  • Breastfeeding/ Pumping Assistance 

  • Newborn Tips/Tools

  • Emotional Support

  • Referals

Newborn Care​

  • Assisting w/ feeding schedules 

  • Swaddling/ Soothing techniques 

  • Education on healthy sleep 

  • Diapering (including cloth)

  • Umbilical cord and Circumcision care 

  • Bathing

  • Milestones/ Development

  • Safety ( SIDS, SUIDS, Carseat)

Partner/Family Support

  • Newborn Education

  • Bonding Techniques

  • Emotional Support

  • Sibling Care

  • Assist w/ Errands

  • Light Meal Preparation 

  • Light House Cleaning

  • Organization

Having a postpartum doula to nurture you during this time makes all the difference!

*Rates are determined by geographical location and support requests.