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Postpartum Recovery Support
(Daytime Support Services) 

You are changing in more ways than you know!

Our dedicated, nurturing team understands how to seamlessly step in and be the physical, mental, and emotional support you need to help you focus on what's most important in these early weeks…YOU!


Our support, while focused the birthing person or mom/baby dyad, is for the whole family.

How we support and serve you:

Birthing Person Support​

  •  Time to Eat/Rest/Shower

  • Postpartum Tips/Tools

  • Baby Bonding Support

  • Breastfeeding/ Pumping Assistance 

  • Newborn Tips/Tools

  • Emotional Support

  • Referrals

Newborn Care​

  • Assisting w/ feeding schedules 

  • Swaddling/ Soothing techniques 

  • Education on healthy sleep 

  • Diapering (including cloth)

  • Umbilical cord and Circumcision care 

  • Bathing

  • Milestones/ Development

  • Safety (SIDS, SUIDS, Car seat)

Partner/Family Support​

  • Newborn Education

  • Bonding Techniques

  • Emotional Support

  • Sibling Care

  • Assist w/ Errands

  • Light Meal Preparation 

  • Light House Cleaning

  • Organization


Welcoming your newborn comes with big emotions and little sleep!

It’s proven that increased night sleep helps to decrease anxiety and allows you to be more intentional and relaxed during the day, which leads to increased bonding with your baby.

Our parents quickly find the value in having experts in their home to care for their newborn while they recharge. They receive comfort and reassurance while their baby receives one on one attention and a personalized bedtime routine.

During overnight care you can expect:
• Peace of mind
• Lowered stress levels
• More uninterrupted sleep
• Access to a trained professional for questions and support
• Newborn Care (Diapering, Feeding/burping, soothing, etc.)
• Breastfeeding Support
• Sanitization of Bottles/ Pump Parts
• Help Creating a Healthy Nighttime Routine

Getting a good night's sleep has never been so beautiful!

Overnight Newborn Care Services


Scheduling & Rates

We work with each of our families to customize a care plan to help you meet your goals.

It is encouraged to book your support
2-4 months before your estimated due date to ensure availability of your dates and support specialist.

All personalized support plans start with:

  •  20 hours minimum for Postpartum Recovery Support (daytime support) 


  •  80 hours minimum for Overnight Newborn care​ 


  • 50 hours minimum for mixed support that is NOT 24/7 support


Additional requested hours will be added to your plan at a starting price of:

  •   $33/HR* for Postpartum Recovery Support (daytime support)

  •   $37/HR* for Overnight Newborn Care

Want to be supported by Kimberly? No Problem! Be sure to ask for her availability pricing and requirements during your interview as she only takes a few clients a year and books up quickly! 

*Pricing shown is starting price for a singleton



Sleep Coaching
(3 months-2yrs)

Ready to know the truth about newborn sleep? Want to set your infant up for success to be a better sleeper? Ready to find a solution that works for you and baby? 

Work one on one with a trained sleep coach to get the sleep you crave. She starts by discussing and educating on the range of normal newborn sleep behaviors. Next, she learns from you! Tell her about your sleep challenges. What have you tried and why didn't it work for your family? What are your sleep goals?

After understanding your needs, together, you co-create a plan to meet your goals by using methods and techniques best suited for your lifestyle.

Pick your plan to get started:



This package includes:

  • Comprehensive Sleep Evaluation

  • Up To 1 1/2-hour consultation 

  • Tailored sleep plan

  • Sleep log guidance 

  • 1 week email of support   



This package includes:

  • Comprehensive Sleep Evaluation

  • Up To 1 1/2-hour consultation 

  • Tailored sleep plan

  • Sleep log guidance 

  • 2 weeks of support (two 30-minute calls plus up to one email per day)

  • First night on call text support  


Want in-home support?  Add Night (10 hours) Coaching Sessions to any package for $350 per night. 

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