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Lactation Counseling 

Having lactation support gives you the tools and reassurance you need to have a successful chest feeding journey for as long as you want the way you want!     

Baby Breastfeeding
Breast Milk Pump

The Basics 

  • In - home support 

  • ​Weekend and evening support available 

  • Consultations from $150.00

Chest feeding is a skill you and your baby have to practice A LOT! Having professional guidance as early as possible  if it gets difficult will build your confidence and increase your chances of success on your journey!

Reasons to have a Chest feeding consultation

  • Parents feel uneasy about chest feeding and need reassurance

  • Infant's latch is shallow or causing pain

  • Parent has sore cracked nipples after feedings

  • Parents have concerns about milk supply

  • Parents have been told they may need to supplement

  • Parents have used tools such as nipple shields with poor results

  • Infant is experiencing slow weight gain or decreased weight 

  • Parents have received conflicting advice on chest feeding 

What happens during a consultation? 

  • Meet with a CLC in your home. 

  •  A detailed discussion about your chest feeding history, concerns, and goals  

  • Support of your feeding and parenting choices

  • An initial assessment of your chest feeding technique

  • Explanation of observations 

  • Provided with evidence-based suggestions for improvements 

  • Reassessment of chest feeding technique (w/ suggestions)

  • Written suggestions / instructions from consultation

  • Follow up (via phone or email) within 48 hours to assess further needs

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