My Philosophy

   I hold myself to high standards, constantly learning and growing in the areas of newborn, postpartum, and family care. I understand there is no 'right' way to raise a child. You can count on me to be your non-judgmental support. I will encourage you to trust your maternal instincts and help build your confidence. I will in no way impose my parenting ideologies on you, rather, I will provide evidence based information and allow you to develop your own parenting style. 

My Story

   My path to becoming a doula started over ten years ago when I cared for my first newborn. The joy and attachment I felt was instant. I knew that day I wanted to work with newborns forever!  My past roles as an infant preschool teacher, nanny and Newborn/Maternal Certified Nursing Assistant brought me great happiness. It was not long until I had built many special bonds with families in Texas, Tennessee, and now in Florida. 

   My time spent assisting families of different racial and cultural backgrounds has aided me in being a sensitive, nurturing, and knowledgable doula. I completed my formal training through DONA International and am currently working to become a lactation consultant. 

   As a new mom, I feel more than ever that it is truly an honor to serve other moms. Being able to "mother the mother" of a newborn and see how I can make her life easier is a great feeling. Life after birth is a time when mothers need to be cherished and cared for. It would be my absolute pleasure to serve you and your family during this amazing time.  

Kimberly Brown- PD(DONA)

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