Thank you so much for considering Snugs and Kisses to support you and your newborn during this wonderful time! 

 As a wife to an amazingly supportive husband and a mother to one awesome little guy, I am honored to be able to provide moms with a service that  is very important but often neglected. My background  as an infant teacher Assistant, nanny (including night nanny) and Newborn/Maternal Certified Nursing Assistant led me to my becoming a postpartum doula and certified lacation counselor.  Being able to serve families in these capacities for ten years  gave me the passion to open Snugs and Kisses. I want all mothers  to be have the support from someone who not only understands what they are going through but knows how to help! It is so fulfilling partnering with new parents and helping them transition into parenthood. 

​We believe there is no 'right' way to raise a child. You can count on us to be your non-judgmental support. We are here to reassure and encourage you to trust your parental instincts. Our teachings are evidence-based and allows you to develop your own parenting style and make the best decisions for your family. My hope is that our support  will provide peace of mind that will allow you to rest and enjoy parenthood. 


Kimberly Brown, BS, PCD(DONA), CLC


Certified Postpartum Doula -  DONA International 

Certified Lactation Consultant - Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice

Safe Baby- Healthy Start Coalition  

Infant/Adult CPR- American Heart Association

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