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About Us


Our Vision

Snugs and Kisses nurtures, educates, and encourages families to embrace the arrival of their newborn baby and the transitions that come with parenthood; ultimately leading them to a place of strength and confidence as they discover their distinct parenting style. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to lovingly serve our families with attentiveness and reassurance that surpasses their expectations. We provide multifaceted services, including planning and preparation, postpartum and new parent education, breastfeeding evaluations and support delivered in-home or virtually to equip them with the skills to become empowered parents. 

What we believe...

1.  The birthing person's physical, mental, and emotional s health is  essential to recovery. 


2. It is natural to need professionally trained help when transitioning home with a newborn.


3.  Each family member plays a vital role in the support of the parent(s) and new baby.

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